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Our Team

ORELOGY personnel have extensive operational and consulting experience in a range of different commodities throughout the world. ORELOGY personnel have often been "embedded" with clients to offer on-going mine planning expertise, training and mentoring to site based personnel. ORELOGY pride ourselves on being small and agile, allowing us to quickly react to a client's requirements and provide outcomes and support as and when required.

Steve Craig Steve Craig

Steve Craig

Managing Director

Ross Cheyne Ross Cheyne

Ross Cheyne

Director / Principal Mining Consultant

Jake Fitzsimons Jake Fitzsimons

Jake Fitzsimons

Principal Mining Consultant - Open Pit

Ryan Locke Ryan Locke

Ryan Locke

Principal Mining Consultant

Andrew Cooper Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper

Principal Mining Consultant - Underground

Carel Moorman Carel Moorman

Carel Moorman

Principal Mining Consultant

Aleks Mihailovic Aleks Mihailovic

Aleks Mihailovic

Senior Mining Consultant

Hossein Parhoon Hossein Parhoon

Hossein Parhoon

Senior Mining Consultant

Buffy Davies Buffy Davies

Buffy Davies

Senior Mining Consultant

Jun Liang Jun Liang

Jun Liang

Senior Mining Consultant

Lawrence Vincent Lawrence Vincent

Lawrence Vincent

Senior Mining Consultant

David Eaton David Eaton

David Eaton

Mining Consultant

Brendan Hart Brendan Hart

Brendan Hart

Mining Consultant

Damien Steinbacher Damien Steinbacher

Damien Steinbacher

Mining Consultant

Aline Costa Aline Costa

Aline Costa

Mining Consultant