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The Usual Stuff

ORELOGY offer an extensive range services across the entire mine planning spectrum.
This includes, but is not limited to, the following key areas of support for your mining project.


ORELOGY undertake management of studies on behalf of clients, ensuring all relevant elements are incorporated, assessed to an acceptable level and completed in a timely fashion.

The management of study programs, particularly project feasibility type studies, requires a fundamental understanding of all facets of the proposed development.  Generating a workable mine plan must effectively encapsulate all relevant aspects of an entire project, including not only aspects related to mining but also geotechnical, hydrological, processing, environmental, marketing, tenure, closure, safety and more.  This mine plan will determine the eventual economic viability and overall scale of the project.  The requirement for mine planning to interface with all parties to determine project value gives ORELOGY an inherently comprehensive appreciation of all the key parameters of a project and their interaction with each other.

ORELOGY have a core group of highly experienced Principal Consultants and Project Managers who can bring a wealth of experience to any project, across a huge range of locations and commodities.

Scoping Studies, Project Development Strategies and Optioneering

ORELOGY can undertake all aspects of mining related scoping studies or provide specific mining engineering contributions as part of a larger team.  This style of study involves initial assessment of the practical and economic viability of a project, with a view to confirming whether further more detailed assessment and associated expenditure is warranted.

This generally comprises a first pass evaluation using generic or historical parameters to determine potential project scale, extent and whether there is a potential break point for applying an underground mining approach.  ORELOGY then builds on this by quickly conducting high level strategic scheduling while concurrently assessing the benefits of a cut-off grade and / or blending strategy, providing our clients with an improved forward view of what their project may realistically look like.  In this way, an early indication of the scale of operations and the most appropriate development path can be determined, unlocking the project’s true value while also identifying possible risks and opportunities.

The advantage ORELOGY has is our combination of experience and cutting edge toolsets which enables us to turn around these initial assessments in a short time-frame.  This agility saves our clients both time and money, and allows rapid decision-making on a sound technical basis.

Pre-feasibility / Feasibility / Implementation

ORELOGY undertake all mining engineering related aspects of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.  These studies are usually defined as providing cost estimates to an accuracy of +/-20 to 35 % and +/-10 to 15% respectively.  Implementation studies are generally undertaken to budget level accuracy.  Feasibility assessments can comprise proposed “green-field” ventures, expansions to existing operations, resumption of abandoned developments or combinations of all three.  Components that can be provided by ORELOGY include, but are not limited to:

  • Mining Method determination and production rate assessments
  • Optimisation of excavation geometry, be it open pit (bench height) or underground (stope / panel)
  • Assessment of appropriate modifying factors (ore loss, dilution, equipment selection, productivity estimation etc.)
  • Open pit optimisation and / or underground layout optimisation and assessment of any interaction / trade-off between the two
  • Project Strategy Optimisation, including assessment including cut-off grade and / or blending strategies
  • Detailed, practical open pit and underground designs
  • Calculation of Ore Reserves in compliance with the appropriate reporting standard (JORC, NI-43101, AIM, SAMREC etc.)
  • Detailed Life of Mine (LoM) mine scheduling allowing for cut-off grade, stockpiling and blending strategies
  • Design of mine layouts including waste rock storage, stockpiles, mine infrastructure, road networks, surface water management etc.
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation plans
  • Generation of LoM cash-flows and analysis of key project parameters
  • Risk and opportunity assessment

ORELOGY can also cater for the mineral resource estimate, geotechnical appraisal and infrastructure requirements of these studies by utilsing our network of recognised and trusted service providers.

ORELOGY have the background and expertise to take mining operations from study level through implementation and execution, with a history of involvement in projects from feasibility through execution to on-going support.  We can provide the next level of practical detail to ensure feasibility studies translate into a viable and sustainable operation with the greatest likelihood of success.

Independent Reviews and Due Diligence Appraisals

ORELOGY is able to provide demonstrably independent analysis and assessments for mining companies, banks and lenders, investors, insurance companies and the like.  This form of study includes:

  • Due diligence assessments of both current operations and planned projects for the purposes of investment, acquisition and divestment
  • Independent technical audits for public release
  • Technical reviews for internal company evaluation
  • Fatal flaw reviews of completed studies

These appraisals cover a range of issues to varying levels of detail, dependent on time frame, budget and client requirements.  They can include:

  • Detailed assessment of the validity and robustness of the parameters used to develop a project (e.g. mining models, optimisation parameters, pit design parameters, operating costs etc.). This approach is used to verify that reported ore reserves conform to the required reporting codes.
  • Examination of mine plans, and the underlying assumptions and the planning systems used to generate them. This will ensure they are practical while at the same time meeting corporate requirements and expectations.
  • Rigorous review of proposed or actual operating systems and management strategies to determine their suitability, effectiveness and whether short or long term targets are achievable.
  • Assessment of the interface between mining and all other aspects of the project (e.g. geology, processing, environmental, etc.). This can determine if any of the interacting systems or assumptions that have been adopted can be improved or have fatal flaws.
  • Review the basis for operating and economic projections to determine whether they can be considered valid and realistic.

ORELOGY can produce reports complying with all relevant disclosure requirements and reporting codes, and bring a wealth of practical experience, both within Australia and internationally, to the formation of these reports.

Equipment Assessment, selection AND cost modelling

ORELOGY has undertaken many studies involving optimisation of mining methods and assessment of mining equipment options. This includes appraisal of:

  • Continuous Surface Miners
  • In-Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC)
  • Trolley-Assist Truck Haulage
  • Railveyor Material Handling

ORELOGY has the knowledge and experience to provide detailed cost analysis on any combination of options and provide recommendations for the preferred mining applications and costs of associated capital items.

Tailored mine planning support and mentoring

ORELOGY personnel collectively have considerable mine planning experience and high level competency in most recognised mine planning packages, including MineSight, Vulcan, Whittle 4X, Surpac and Datamine.  They are regarded as the pre-eminent experts in Maptek Evolution globally.

ORELOGY also has expert scripting and programming skills to help projects where a customised solution is necessary.  As a result ORELOGY can develop comprehensive mine planning systems and procedures tailor-made to the specific requirements of our client.  This can vary from strategic life-of-mine planning for multiple working areas to short term planning for individual open pits.

ORELOGY can provide a bespoke planning support service to operations at either the implementation, pre-production or production phases of operation.  This includes every level from Life of Mine (LOM) schedules, annual budgets to monthly production schedules, including development plans and blast layouts.

ORELOGY personnel have considerable practical site experience and this background can be of considerable benefit to clients.  ORELOGY personnel have often been embedded with our clients team to offer on-going mine planning expertise, training and mentoring to site based personnel.  Their role can include review and optimisation of all aspects of site mining operations, from the mine face right through the mine operations and planning chain to the end customer.

ORELOGY are also agile enough to quickly react to a client’s requirements and provide support as and when needed.

Download ORELOGY's Capability Statement here.