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Husab Uranium Project

In 2009 ORELOGY was commissioned to assist Extract Resources Ltd to undertake an initial optimisation study of the Rossing South Uranium Project. This scope then expanded to encompass all the open pit mine planning components of the DFS and subsequent Engineering Cost Study over the course of 2010 and 2011. The results demonstrated that the overall resource was amenable to open pit mining that could support a significant yellowcake producer, where a 14.5 year mine life could be established at 15.0 million tonnes per annum. 

The project was renamed the Husab Uranium Project and ORELOGY undertook a number of further mining studies over the course of 2010 and 2011 as a part of Definitive Feasibility  Study. Each study involved the generation of mining schedules which over time have built up a considerable understanding of the most suitable approach for mining the Husab orebody, both from a value and practicality perspective. 

The Husab Uranium Project was purchased by Taurus Minerals, a wholly owned subsidiary of China’s Guandong Nuclear Power Group in 2012 who subsequently developed the project, producing first uranium oxide (U3O8) at the end of 2016. Orelogy has continued to be involved with the project assisting with the generation of Life of Mine plans, developing implementation plans and layouts for the trolley-assist haulage infrastructure and other mine planning activities. Husab is the first new mine globally since the mid 1990's to implement trolley-assist haulage technology and Orelogy were involved in the entire process, from feasibility through detailed design to implementation.