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Triton Minerals Engages Orelogy

The extract below is taken from the article "MOZAMBIQUE PROJECTS UPDATE" was originally published on Triton Minerals Website on 26th February 2015. 


Key consultants engaged by Triton to complete a Definitive Feasibility Study at Nicanda Hill including:

 > DRA Global

 > ORElogy

 > Golder Associates

 > Jem-Met

 > Legacy Project Solutions

    > Independent Metallurgical Operations engaged to complete a detailed study on the physical properties and specifications of Triton’s          graphite

    > World Industrial Minerals(Denver) and Oriental Link Holdings engaged to assist with market development and creation of strategic              partnerships in America and Asia

    > Talks continue with potential strategic partners

    > Resource Update ongoing

 ORElogy: Reserve Classification and Open Pit Mine Planning

As DRA Global’s strategic partner, ORElogy has also been engaged by the Company via DRA to complete the Reserve Classifications at Nicanda Hill. Further, ORElogy will complete the design for the proposed open pit, the Life of Mine schedule and all associated mine planning for the project. ORElogy is a mine planning consultancy firm based in West Perth, Western Australia, whose focus is providing innovative and practical mine planning solutions. The ORElogy approach to mine planning is to always look to add value and they have developed a range of unique tools to allow them to do this. ORElogy have considerable experience in African projects and therefore a partnering arrangement with DRA is an ideal fit and talks to the key strengths of both groups.


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