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Evorelution V4 to Launch at Africa Down Under

SPECIALIST mine planning consultancy Orelogy Group has been developing its innovative open pit mine scheduling software since 2008 and the latest version, Evorelution V4, is scheduled for release in September.

Since its inception, Evorelution has been used to evaluate more than 100 projects, and has contributed to significant value improvements along the way.

This theme has continued with the release of the company’s latest version, Evorelution Strategy, which focuses on optimising the cut-off grade policy of a project – including from multiple mines and/or multiple process streams.

Orelogy managing director Steve Craig said this optimisation process was arguably the most significant value-improvement an engineer could add to a project.

“Compared to traditional techniques, it is not uncommon for the mining engineer to increase [project] value in the order of 30 per cent,” Mr Craig said.

Evorelution Strategy works simply and at the strategic level. This allows mining engineers to efficiently test numerous scenarios, by mining the grade or tonnage curve on a bench-by-stage basis.

If warranted, Strategy can also be used at a highly complex level to allow for variable lithologies; sophisticated geo/metallurgical models; variable mining and processing costs; and the allocation of dynamic capital. While the focus remains on maximising value, the schedules produced are guaranteed to be practical, operable and efficient.

Evorelution V4 will be unveiled on 2 September, prior to the Africa Down Under conference in Perth.



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