Orelogy’s primary goal is to improve the value of a mining project and this goal is best served through development of robust and practical high value mine plans using smart scheduling techniques.

As part of that process ORELOGY developed a best-of-breed open-pit mine scheduling solution that harnessed a variety of optimisation techniques. It is a fully featured, open-pit scheduling tool that delivers strategic schedules which maximise value through to detailed tactical schedules which focus on equipment utilisation.

In October 2014 Maptek™, providers of the Vulcan general mining software, acquired the EVORELUTION suite of products from Orelogy. Now renamed as EVOLUTION™, its acquisition by Maptek was a validation of the unique and proven tool ORELOGY had developed.

ORELOGY remain the pre-eminent power users of the EVOLUTION product globally and bring an unrivalled capability in the application of this product to provide real world mining solutions.

What We Do

For any scale of study, open pit optimisation determines the eventual economic viability and overall scale of the project, but it is mine scheduling that adds the most value and ensures that project value is deliverable.

Mine scheduling can focus on a number of often conflicting requirements such as:

> Maximising project cash-flow and / or Net Present Value (NPV)

> Maximising resource utilisation and/or mine life

> Minimising operating costs / fleet size

These requirements can in turn be constrained by various factors such as:

> Mining capacity

> Mill throughput restrictions or Market limits

> Blending or product quality requirements

> Waste dump construction limitations (e.g. PAF encapsulation, lease or environmental boundaries etc.)

> Other strategic or corporate considerations

The best way to achieve the greatest cash flow from a mine is to consider all of the drivers. Mine schedules produced by ORELOGY using EVOLUTION can quickly develop the mining strategy that delivers high value to the owner whilst balancing all of the practical limiting factors. 

Orelogy's Big Ticket Value Adds

> Cut-Off Grade Optimisation

> Haulage Optimisation

> Blend Optimisation