About us

ORELOGY is a mine planning consultancy whose focus is providing innovative and practical mine planning solutions.

Established in March 2005 as a 2 person consultancy ORELOGY has built a team of 20 full-time professionals, with a head office in West Perth.

ORELOGY clients now include a number of the world's largest miners.

We add value

The ORELOGY approach to mine planning is to always look to add value. We solve complex mining challenges and in doing so use world-class techniques and industry standard software platforms to do this.

As testimony to this in 2007, and as a direct reflection of the company's want to improve software system efficiency and provide clients with practical cost effective planning solutions, ORELOGY started "Project EVORELUTION". The objective of this project was to have mining engineers design and develop a mine scheduling package that delivers practical, high value schedules.